Tuesday, February 7, 2017

An Update on Superfund Sites around Baton Rouge

Local Superfund Sites Update

Devil's Swamp Superfund Site near Alsen, Louisiana in East Baton Rouge Parish, Photo by Willie Fontenot

Baton Rouge Sierra Club presents an update of local Superfund sites of concern, including Devil's Swamp near Alsen, by Dr. Margaret Reams, Co-Principal Investigator of the NIEHS-funded Superfund Research Program at Louisiana State University.

Who: Dr Margaret Reams, professor of Coastal Environmental Science
When: February 16, 2017
7-9 PM, refreshments and chatting 6:30 PM

Where: Greater King David Baptist Church

Our readers may wish to catch a portion of this interview of Dr. Reams at "An Index for Resilience" summit in the Netherlands in 2013. Reams speaks about the factors complicating emergency preparations in the event of flooding coupled together with the presence of hazardous industrial facilities. These factors raise additional variables that households will have to consider during their personal disaster preparations in our environs.

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